From the album EP Four

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I took your love letters to a mad professor
he knows just why I want you off my back
he's gonna make a little potion
you're a drop in the ocean
when you drink it you won't know your white from your black

witch doctor's going to make a doll attached to your soul
late at night he's going through your bins
he'll knead it, shape it
you'll know just when he's made it
when you're ringing on my bell I'll stick you full of these pins

It's gonna take some time but I can't take any more
I'll kick you out of my door

I wrote your threats on a list and took them to an exorcist
he's got some holy water and a big crucifix
to resolve this situation he will do an incantation
you're a possession that I won't miss

took your picture and I sent it to a movie producer
he said he's gonna put you on the silver screen
he's gonna make a movie, it's gonna be groovy
you can sit there on his couch and you can practice your scream