1. 1977 Again

From the album Second Extended Player

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a pile of unopened bills on the mat
he pulls the last clean shirt of the rack
a stack of yesterday's dishes in the sink
forgets it all and he goes for a drink

then it's 1977 again
he's up front singing those songs
1977 again
right back to where he belongs
1977 again
nothing could ever go wrong

in the pub it's the usual old crew
charlied up and they're having a few
they smell of fags, stinking of aftershave
tonight's the night they ain't gonna behave

songs about being lonely living in a bedsit
songs about being bored and being on the dole
songs about wanting the girl across the road
songs about being on your own
now he's living on his own a grubby little flat
he hates his job he hates his boss he's gonna get the sack
now he wants the yummy mummy living up the road
he's d.i.v.o.r.c.e.d. on his own