1. On Your Case

From the album Second Extended Player

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let me tell you something right from the start
let's get it straight
there's a line you don't want to cross
but i think we're too late
you've been talking to my friends when i'm not there
this ain't no v.e.n.n. diagram that we've got here
stick it up and stick it out
nothing up your sleeve
you're a fairground magician with the things that i need

this old town is smaller than you think
i'm gonna go to the pub gonna have a drink
you've been thinking that i was somebody else
find you then i'm gonna find myself

i'm on your case

i met you at a party you were drinking my wine
that was great
you asked if yo could crash at my mine
and now your shit's all over this place
i pick you up and kick you out
you say that's not right
if you're still here tomorrow
then there'll be a fight
i get home from the office at a quarter to eight
you're sat there watching telly with a smile on your face

i'm on your case