1. Satisfied
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staked out in a phonebox making 10p calls
where's it all going down
we catch the bus heading way out west
can you hear the sound?
we ride at the top 'cause the city shines
but we don't see the lights
the bell rings once and we strut yeah we strut
we're looking alright, yeah alright

and i'll be satisifed
if we get out alive
and save ourselves from the tribes

pockets full of cash cause it's friday pay day
we're gonna have a good time
if we ever get in, oh we'll get in
I'm gonna get mine, i'll get mine
say we're friends of john got the smiles to impress
see you inside
we got the chat got the keys to success
you know what's on my mind

now we're inside thunderbird wine
colt 45 it's gonna kick off some time
feel for the walls, but i'm finding the floor
i feel for her too but she shows me the door
creepers, boots and loafers not mixing at all
get out fast we ain't nobody's fools
backs to the wall let's get out of this place
broken glass and a slap in the face