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Great Brentford gig at the weekend 

If you read your Jetsonics news on the official site rather than on facebook or twitter then you won't yet have heard that we had a great show on Saturday. Excellent sound and light from TC on his birthday. It was a fun local do. The crowd was very much up for a good night out and we played them all the favourites and a couple of new songs (Seven Foot Drop/New Romance). Audience participation was near can pat yourselves on the back for that if you were there. Big thanks to 100 Ways the support band. As ever quirky, interesting songs and a good bunch of guys.

All killer no filler...and no tea 

So last night - post gig practice - always a strange one. We had a play through the two new songs and a couple of old ones that we need to bring up to speed for the Brentford show on the 29th.
Seven Foot Drop...Dave said "Let's take out the bit where we do nothing. You know - the bit where we're just waiting to play the next bit." Then I also stopped playing quite so much and slashed some chords in there rather than chugging all the way through. And there you have it. Less is more. A good song became a great song. 100% more lively. Looking forward to playing it again in its new form on 29th January.
Oh!...and no cup of tea!

New songs at the Half Moon 

Played a good show at the Half Moon. The two new songs 'The New Romance' and 'Seven Foot Drop' went well and went down well. Did an encore and a song by special request. Can't be bad :-)
Looking forward to an even bigger show and bigger crowd on 29th January at St Pauls in Brentford.

Last Rehearsal of 2010 

Had a good practice last night. Ran through the songs ready for the gigs on 7th (Half Moon) and 29th (St Pauls, Bretnford) January 2011. We've pretty much decided on a new opener: 'Push Up' and a new show closer: 'Caterham Blues'. Excited about changing it up a bit.
We had an excellent sound in the room. Vocals louder than normal with a nice bit of delay on them. Nice instrument mix. A real pleasure to play our songs.
We tidied up 'Seven Foot Drop' and 'The New Romance' which - if you're lucky - you'll hear at the shows in the New Year.
In other news, the lyrics for 'Push Up' were featured in a great new book full of stories and recollections about Brentford FC:

Jetsonics Television 

Ad and I practiced last night. Ran through "Seven Foot Drop" again and played it the same 3 times in a row. That arrangement is all set now. Just waiting for Dave to pick it up and add some magic. We also reworked "Anne-Marie" and came up with a chorus. A good chorus too. We also made 3 videos! Ad doing a reveal of his new Retrovibe RV4 bass. Me doing a 'how to play' one of our songs and Ad doing a 'how to play' too. Just need to edit the boring stuff out and get them uploaded. Look out for them over the next week. You'll like them. Busy times.

Stoodents cause chaos for Jetsonics rehearsals 

Pesky students caused traffic jams in town yesterday meaning Dave was stranded in town and couldn't make it in time. Ad and I decided to turn up anyway. He had some great lyrics and I had an idea for some chords. It's how all the best songs start.
We made our latest and greatest. It's called Seven Foot Drop. It's so new that Dave hasn't even heard it yet! We demo'd it on Ad's Zoom recorder and hopefully Dave will get to hear that before next practice. It has the spikiness of 'London's Calling' mixed with the wordsmithery of '25 minutes to go' 
It's yet another new song that we'll be debuting at the big New Year shows in Putney and Brentford.
Can't wait.


We are pulling together the artwork for the 2011 shows. We need posters, print flyers and web flyers. Ad has some good ideas and we've pretty much decided on a cool pop art them for the St Paul's show and an old school black and white photo for the Half Moon stuff.
Our usual rehearsal space is not available this week so were switching for a one off to a different venue to keep our hand in and keep the new material coming.
I've switched back to using the Alden Bluesline and it's a great guitar. Really thick sound. Just gotta get used to not bashing the pick up switch. Always seems to get in the way when you are used to playing a Tele vs this Les Paul shape.
Dave has invested in some new hard drum cases. Surely that makes them even heavier?? Booo.
Ad is still waiting on his new bass...

New material 

With some breathing space between gigs we decided to work on some new songs last night. Ad had some lyrics for 'The Start' and 'Anne Marie'. The Start is coming along well. It's a song of many parts from chanting to freak out guitar solos. It will be epic. We worked hard on harmonies, they really add a new dimension to the sound. Ad is the new Aled Jones.
Anne Marie didn't end up where it started (as a heavy waltz). By the time we'd finished it wasn't Anne-Marie any more it was an entirely new song with no lyrics (yet) a TV Spy themed intro and other bits that sound heavier than anything we've done before. It's all new. It's all good. It's all Jetsonics. You'd expect nothing less.

The Jetsonics Inn on the Green was a good show 

Had good fun on Friday night. Thanks to The Members for having us. Thanks to all the Jetsonics supporters who came to see us and all The Members fans who came early and watched us too.
Technical hiccup with a squealing microphone aside it was a good show. We played Caterham Blues which went down well. We dropped Satisifed to keep the set to around 45 minutes. There is a video here:

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